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How Do You Find Your Survival Essentials? Finding your survival essentials, is the first step towards building your survival platform. Starting at the foundations, with the Pocket survival kit and through to the 72 hour kit and Bug out Bag. Along the way you might find your survival essentials with

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How to Build Your Own Survival Kits

Read these posts if you want to build your own survival kit, a kit that you know won't let you down in an emergency. See what tools and gear are essential for your survival and what to pack in each of your kits - the  Pocket Survival kit - the 72 hr survival kit and your own awesome Bug out Bag. Find out what's essential to your survival now! 

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EDC Bag or 72 Hour Survival Kit? The EDC Bag, is the next size up from pocket size and the next pillar in your survival platform. EDC, which stands for every-day-carry and that’s exactly what this kit is designed for. The EDC bag has the same function as the 72

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How to Organize Your Bug Out Bag? In this post, I will show you how to make your own awesome Bug out Bag and organize its contents. So, in the previous post, we looked at building the 5 core survival kits in your BoB. And by building these kits as

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