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Best Glide ASE Series vs My Pocket Survival Kit

Another post to see if we can find an online kit as fit as my pocket survival kit and this time it’s the Best Glide ASE kits. The Best Glide ASE kits are all “Tin type” survival kits, which I really like as my first PSK was packed in a tobacco tin. Best Glide ASE has many variations so I will put a few into the spreadsheet to see how they hold up against my fit survival kit.

survival kit contents to compare to the Best Glide ASE kit
My Pocket Survival Kit Contents

Previous posts in this series of online survival kits versus my homemade pocket survival kit:

Best Glide ASE – Be Prepared® Pocket Survival Kit


Similar Kit

Let’s start with the Be Prepared ASE kit as it looks like the least fit out of them all. The Be Prepared tin kit doesn’t come with a space blanket and it has no chance of beating mine at all. However the size of the tin may allow you to add a blanket so I will include this kit in the comparison.

Tin dimensions – 4.5” x 3.3” x 1.2” and 6.3 ounces. That is a fairly deep tin which will allow for a heat blanket, with some rearrangement of the other contents.

Best Glide ASE – Be Prepared Contents:
  • Compact Tracker II Button Compass
  • Rapid Rescue Survival Whistle
  • Compact Signal Mirror
  • Derma Safe Razor Knife
  • Pocket Wire Saw
  • 10 NATO All Weather Matches
  • 3 Tinder Quick Fire Tabs
  • Compact Flint and Striker Fire Starter
  • Fresnel Lens Fire Starter
  • 2 Beeswax Candles
  • Mini Survival Fishing Kit
  • 4 MP1 Water Purification Tablets
  • Water Bag
  • Mini Sewing Kit
  • Type 1A Utility Cord
  • Brass Snare Wire
  • 6 Band Aids / Butterfly Bandages
  • Survival Instructions
  • Survival Instruction Labels
  • Pencil

Essential Survival Score

20 items. That’s pretty impressive in that sized tin but I can already see items that can be sacrificed for a blanket. Let’s see what the Best Glide ASE – Be Prepared survival kit scored on the Essential Survival spreadsheet.

201 – Total Items171 Essential Score
Best Glide ASE – Be Prepared

201 total – 171 Essential score, compared to mine at 286 and 257 essential score. Not bad, at 201 and 171 it shows that the Be Prepared kit comes with mostly essential gear. The tin size is almost identical to my pocket survival case, so you should be able to fit the blanket in. That would take the Best Glide ASE – Be Prepared score up to 221 and 194.

You can see in the video review below that the contents are high quality but a little misdirected for me. For instance, the sewing kit comes with buttons? And they’re not even edible buttons! Personally, a sewing kit isn’t required in a pocket survival kit; sewing to save your life is a bit of a stretch.

I would absolutely prefer a heat blanket packed in there over a sewing kit or even a fishing kit. You have to keep in mind what the essential purpose of a pocket survival kit is, when choosing the contents. Fishing and sewing repairs are a luxury in a survival situation and finding time for either will be your least priority.

You Need a Heat Blanket

Let’s go through a scenario to see if this kit will work:

You’re out hiking through the wild and traversing up a hill when bad weather comes in and cuts you off. With the sudden wind and lashing rain you lose your way and stumble and in the process your 72 hour hiking kit goes over a cliff.

You reach for your pocket survival kit and find it’s still there and you go through your options. With this kit you can make a fire, fish, trap and sew your buttons back on!

The Best Glide ASE – Be Prepared will no doubt get you out of some survival situations but not all. If you are going to buy this kit or similar, then you will need to add some survival fitness to it.


In conclusion, the Best Glide ASE – Be Prepared didn’t come close to mine but that is to be expected against a hand built kit. With similar sized containers, there is no reason why you couldn’t pack in more essential gear. In fact, you should be able to get it up as high as my pocket survival kit score.

The Be Prepared comes with some decent items and the container size is perfect, giving you a good starter kit.

Take note of the dimensions of the items and tin, you need to fit a heat blanket in
Best Glide ASE size comparison
Best Glide ASE – Be Prepared tin size, next to my PSK
Best Glide ASE with heat blanket size comparison
Easily fits a full size Heat Blanket

The Be Prepared has some room for improvement but you could do worse. Next victim!

Best Glide ASE – Military Scout® Survival Tin

Wt: 6.3 oz (approx)
Tin Size: 4.5” x 3.3” x 1.2” (approx)

It has zip ties and a rubber band added

A slightly different version to the Best Glide ASE – Be Prepared and again, no heat blanket. I won’t waste much time on this one but I will put it in the essential score sheet.

Just so I can have another victim on the list.

Best Glide ASE – Military Scout Contents:
  • Compact Tracker II Button Compass
  • Rapid Rescue Survival Whistle
  • Compact Emergency Signal Mirror
  • Compact Flint Fire Starter w/Striker
  • 10 NATO All Weather Survival Matches
  • 3 Tinder Quick Fire Tabs
  • 2 Beeswax Candles
  • Fresnel Lens Fire Starter
  • Derma Safe Razor Knife
  • Pocket Wire Saw
  • Mini Fishing Kit
  • 6 MP1 Water Purification Tablets
  • Water Bag
  • Mini Survival Sewing Kit
  • Type 1A Utility Cord
  • Brass Snare Wire
  • 6 Band Aids/Butterfly Bandages
  • 2 Industrial Grade Tie Wraps
  • Survival Instructions
  • Pencil
  • Rubber band
216 – Total Items182 – Essential Score
Best Glide ASE – Military Scout

Best Glide ASE – Military Scout – Essential Score Sheet – Subscriber Only Content

Again, a close total and essential score shows that most of the gear is quite useful for your survival. No heat blanket though, no chance. Next!

Best Glide ASE – Ultimate Adventurer® Survival Kit Basic Version

This kit is too large to be considered a pocket survival kit but it’s the first one to come with a heat blanket.

Tin dimensions – 7.3” x 4.6” x 2.3” and weight – 23 oz 

Best Glide ASE – Ultimate Adventurer Kit Contents:
  • Adventurer Button Compass
  • Beeswax Tea Light Candle
  • Derma Safe Knife
  • BG Personal Sewing Kit
  • – 6 Safety Pins
  • – Bobbin #69 Nylon Thread
  • – Heavy Duty Needles
  • – Heavy Duty Pins
  • – Safety Pins
  • – Button
  • – Needle Threader
  • Waterproof Patch
  • Water Bags (1+ qt)
  • * Micro Pure Water Purification Tablets
  • Coffee Filter
  • 10 Feet Snare Wire
  • Adventurer Distress Whistle
  • Best Glide Personal Fishing Kit
  • – Assorted Hooks
  • – Fishing Lure
  • – 50 Foot Fishing Line
  • – Fishing Weights
  • – Reusable Plastic Bag
  • – String Winder
  • Roll Compact Duct Tape
  • 8″ Industrial Tie Wraps
  • 10 Feet Type 1A Utility Cord
  • Survival Instructions
  • Trekker First Aid Kit
  • – Triple Antibiotic Ointment
  • – Non Aspirin 2 Packs
  • – Aspirin 2 Packs
  • – Sting Relief Towelettes
  • – Band Aids
  • – Butterfly Bandages
  • – Moleskin
  • – 4 x 4 Gauze Pads
  • Fresnel Lens Fire Starter
  • Gel Fuel and Fire Starter
  • Book Matches
  • 10 Adventurer Fire Starting Tabs
  • Adventurer Survival Fire Starter
  • 10 Adventurer All Weather Matches
  • Compact Signal Mirror
  • Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil
  • Adventurer Pocket Wire Saw
  • Multi Function Pocket Knife
  • Space Survival Blanket
  • Silica Gel
  • Rite in the Rain Mini Notebook
  • Pencil
  • Emergency Contact Info Sticker 

72 Hour Survival Kit?

The Best Glide ASE Ultimate Adventurer is a seriously good kit. And not pretending to be pocket sized but it’s a great head start on a 72 hr kit. I will put it into the comparison sheet against my 72 hour survival pouch instead and see how it goes.

Best Glide ASE – Ultimate Adventurer – Essential Score Sheet – Subscriber Only Content

314 – Total Points268 – Essential Score
Best Glide ASE – Ultimate Adventurer
372 – Total Points329 – Essential Score
My 72 Hour Survival Pouch

That is very impressive! This kit is perfect for packing in the base of your 72 hour bag and ticking off a lot of items. Nicely packed with a firm clasp on the tin itself make this ideal for all the essential bits and pieces. This kit is a must have in your mid sized 72 hour survival kit and not in your pocket.

Best Glide ASE also offer an Advanced version of this kit which includes a filtered straw and micro light. There is also a reduction in the number of water tablets from 10 to 6.

The Best Glide ASE Ultimate Adventurer Kit was so good so let’s see what the next kit size up looks like.

Best Glide ASE – Wilderness Survivor Kit

Best Glide ASE offer several versions of this kit, this one being the top of the line.

Look out for the future post comparison with this kit and my personal Bug out Bag. Thanks for reading!

Best Online Kit versus My Pocket Survival Kit – Top Five

My PSK Score – 286 Essential Score – 257
Top FiveKit BrandTotal Score Essential Score 
1Best Glide ASE – Military Scout216182
2Best Glide ASE – Be Prepared201171
3Pocket Pro Survival Kit250163
4SOL Origin138104
5SOL Traverse114100
Top 5 Online Kits, for now…

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September 4, 2020

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