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What are the Best Survival Kits to Buy – SOL Origin?

To find the best survival kit to buy, I will this time compare the SOL Origin, against my pocket survival kit. In Round 1 we had a pretty weak challenger to my pocket survival kit, as it didn’t pack a heat blanket. If you check out my previous post -“What are the Top Ten Survival Items” You will see again how valuable the heat blanket can be.

Unfortunately, for the SOL Origin, it also comes without packing a heat blanket and you know that’s an instant fail. However, this kit has got some punches to throw before it goes down in flames against my kit. Maybe we can add some survival fitness to this challenger and make it the best survival kit to buy?

The Challenger – SOL Origin

SOL Origin Website –

The SOL Origin survival kit has some nice features! Apart from the lack of the heat blanket, we can still review the other qualities this kit brings. While we’re at it, we can look at the SOL Traverse survival kit as well, maybe this larger version will be the best survival kit to buy?

As this is a larger case than the SOL Origin, it does come with a heat blanket.

The Case

Before we dig into their contents, let’s review their cases and start with the dimensions of each.

SOL Origin – 3.875″ x 2.75″ x 1.5″

SOL Traverse – 6.25″ x 4″ x 1.25″

My Pocket Survival Kit – 4.3″ x 2.75″ x 1.3″

As you can see, the SOL Origin is a tidy little waterproof pocket survival kit, slightly shorter but thicker than mine. The Traverse is a monster in comparison and again, on the limits of a comfortable pocket size. The Traverse case however does appear to be of a good quality and with strong lid fasteners but it’s not waterproof.

So far, the SOL Origin gets a big tick for its case size and the Traverse is a maybe, that it’ll fit in your pocket! We can leave the Traverse case there, as the Origin case requires a further review of its design. The Origin case, is a great example of Survival Fitness, with its innovative design features that we’ll need to look at.

All up, the SOL Origin case has a Knife, with a small light and whistle, a compass, flint wheel and a signal mirror all built in! Pretty impressive really, however, it comes at a cost and that is the missing blanket. All that ancillary gear has left only a shallow storage compartment available, for any other essential items.

The SOL Origin Contents

Here is the PDF spreadsheet, we will work from to determine which survival kit is best to buy overall:

And subscribers can access the working spreadsheet here:

You can see the size comparisons in the photo, showing how little room we have to work with:

comparing survival kit sizes
Origin on the left and the Traverse on the right and a thing of beauty in the middle

Looking at the spreadsheet numbers, spells disaster for these two challengers:

SOL Origin – 138 pts overall – 104 Essential pts

SOL Traverse – 114 pts overall – 100 Essential pts

My PSK – 286 pts overall – 257 Essential pts

SOL Origin Contents list:

Signal mirror
Fire starter
Fishing Kit
Snare wire x 6ft
Cordage x 10ft
Sewing Needle
Safety pins
3 sqft Foil
Survival instructions
Room for Improvement

SOL Traverse Contents:

Heat Blanket
Water purification tablets
Water Bag
Fire starter
Safety pin
Survival instructions
Lots of room for improvement

SOL Traverse Elimination

Here we part ways with the Traverse kit, as it isn’t a serious challenger at all. It has a large case, that is not waterproof and a total essential score of 100! It’s time to say goodbye to another challenger to my PSK.

A homemade survival kit, versus a survival kit you buy – Score – 2-0

In reality, it should also be a goodbye for the Origin kit too, it unforgivably lacks a heat blanket for a start. Also, an essential score of 104, is only just better than the eliminated Traverse kit. However, I like this kit and I’m willing to train it up a bit, then challenge my kit in better shape than it comes in.

Making the Best Survival Kits to Buy

You might find yourself needing to add to the survival kits, that are available to buy online. If you really want to have a survival kit, packed only with the essentials for survival, that is. For example, the SOL Origin, needing a heat blanket as a minimum, to improve your survivability.

Obviously, we need to pack a heat blanket in the main compartment, so, let’s remove the tinder, cordage and safety pins. The other remaining items such as the fishing kit, snare wire and needle, will have to fit in with the heat blanket.

This is a great review of the SOL Origin kit on YouTube. Take note of the space in the upper compartment, when he closes the lid at around the ten minute mark.

I think there is enough space in there for a folded heat blanket, like shown in these photos below:

folded heat blanket for your SOL Origin survival kit
Folded Heat blanket to fit SOL Origin
Folded Heat Blanket laid over the SOL Origin case size

That is a full sized at 1.3m x 2.1m heat blanket, so if you need to make it thinner you can cut it down. You only need to keep enough blanket length to at least cover your entire upper body and tuck into your pants. So, cut a slot in the blanket and wear it over the bare skin like a poncho and then put your shirt and jumper back on over the top.

Similar to these Poncho styles or just use one of them instead of the blanket type, it may even fit better in the case:

A cut down heat blanket is a 100% improvement, over no blanket at all!

The Best Kits to Buy are Packing Heat and Water

There is some unevenness, to the base of the internal compartment, that you can use to store a needle or tweezers. Depending on how much you can reduce your blanket by, you may be able to slip in the fishing kit and snare wire. But not at the expense of water purification tablets, they must be packed in with the blanket.

You may be able to cut the water purification tablet packets into a strip and fit them in the lower base section of the internal compartment. Try cutting down the heat blanket and see how you go for space with the other items. Although, keep in mind that they may not be essential items, that you’re trying to squeeze in.

Heat blanket for SOL Origin
A full Heat Blanket compressed to 10 mm thick
packing the lower section of the SOL Origin survival kit
2 matches and strike paper, tweezers, split shot and splinter pick in lower section


I think to provide a hunting option you could easily fit a flat fishing kit and snare wire under the heat blanket. Here is one I made from a piece of felt, with the fish hooks tucked in and also twisted so that they sit flat.

Add the fishing line/wire and 10 Aqua tabs:

Fishing kit for SOL Origin survival kit
Fishing kit, use the felt to protect the heat blanket from the hooks
Band Aids, Aqua Tabs, Felt fishing kit and full size blanket
Alternative contents for SOL Origin survival kit
This should fit

Best Survival Kit to Buy – SOL Origin MKII?

At basically 12mm thick, that stack will go close to fitting but that all depends on how good your folds are. You should try to pack a full blanket first and then cut it down as required until it all fits. Make sure you don’t overpack the space, so that it will compromise the waterproof seal on the lid.

Let’s look at the SOL Origin in the spreadsheet again and this time with all the new gear we jammed in: Subscribers Only Content

SOL Origin MKII – 242 pts total – 220 Essential pts

My PSK – 286 pts overall – 257 Essential pts

Now that’s more like it and it’s now made this SOL Origin kit a solid contender, against my pocket survival kit. As a bonus, there really isn’t that much effort required to bring some survival fitness to this kit.

Based on all this you could easily purchase the SOL Origin and with some modifications, make it even better.


The SOL Origin, is a good option, if you’re looking to get a head start on building a great pocket survival kit. Personally, I think you need to add to this kit, to make it a worthy pocket survival kit to buy online. And I say online, as it is sometimes difficult to determine if the product will suit your needs, without laying your hands on it first.

You may also need to look at securing the compass and fire striker, a little better on the outside of the case. Losing either one or anything from your kit, will come at an exceptionally high cost to the survivor. Try adding a small piece of tape under the compass to give a bit more friction and stop it just getting knocked out. The compass also looks quite proud of the surface of the case and prone to scratching or worse. (when not bandage wrapped)

Remember, the whole kit should be wrapped in a bandage, which will stop items coming loose from the case. But when the kit is in use and unwrapped, you will need to be vigilant and check your gear frequently. Having some of your vital gear on the outside of your kit comes with risks, that you should consider before purchasing.


The fire starter with the SOL Origin, may be dependent on the inclusion of the Tinder tabs to work effectively. Check before eliminating your only source of fire. I really like this kit but it’s not without compromises that you need to consider.

So far, these comparison posts are showing the importance of building your own pocket survival kit.

If you want one that is survival fit!

Score – 3-0!

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by bing74

August 12, 2020

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