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What is the Best Survival Kit to Buy?

This post is my latest attempt to find a worthy pre-made survival kit to buy online. As in the previous posts, I will compare the online kits with my own pocket survival kit. I will put each of the kits items in a spreadsheet for comparison and see if the online kits are up to the challenge.

Supology Emergency 23 in 1 Kit

I see a lot of these kits online, the so called 110 in 1 kits, that count a bottle opener as a survival tool! So, today’s victim is the Supology 23 in 1 kit, I chose this kit because it has a heat blanket at least. Interestingly, this kit also comes with a filtered straw, which isn’t all that common to find.

However, these are only two items and we need to assess the essential qualities of the remaining contents. Below is the list of gear for the Supology kit and I will also put them into the spreadsheet to score.

  • Wire Saw
  • Filtered Straw
  • Carabiner
  • Knife
  • Tactical Pen
  • Heat Blanket
  • Mini Light
  • Rescue Whistle
  • Fire Steel
  • Knife Card
  • 5 in 1 Utensil
  • Band-Aid
  • Tourniquet
  • Tinder
  • Cordage

supology 23 in 1 survival kit

4 bottle openers??

Supology 23 in 1 – Essential Score

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Overall score – 166 pts against my pocket survival kit at 286 pts

Essential Score – 111 pts against mine at 257 pts

Well, the Supology looked good. Especially with the heat blanket and filtered straw but unfortunately, that was it. The other items, such as the tactical pen, scored low and really wouldn’t be much use in a wilderness survival situation.

This kit is a bit of a strange one, it’s trying to be a wilderness kit and maybe a car survival kit and others. However, the drawstring carry bag is big, mostly for the bulky filtered straw. And that means you can throw in more items to bring up this kit’s essential value. For instance, adding matches, hunting options and a signal mirror, will add 47 pts and move it above the Bear Grylls kit.

Pocket Survival Kit Top Ten V’s My PSK
My PSK Score – 286 – 257 Essential Score
Top TenKit BrandTotal Score Essential Score 
1Best Glide ASE – Military Scout216182
2Best Glide ASE – Be Prepared201171
3Pocket Pro Survival Kit250163
4BG Ultimate Survival Kit179147
5Supology 23 in 1166111
6SOL Origin138104
7SOL Traverse114100
Only a couple more items and the Supology kit would’ve finished much higher

Summary – Kit Size

In the end, this kit is not totally fit for a wilderness survival situation but I think it could work in a vehicle. They probably should market it that way and not include some of the gimmicky wilderness survival gear. Certainly the bag is too big to be a pocket kit, so it must be stored in your Bug out Bag or glovebox.

The reason the contents of a pocket kit are so important, is that they have to fit into a pocket sized container. Sacrifices and omissions are acceptable to get it all to fit and keep it in that important pocket size range. However, when you get as big as the Supology kit is, there should be no sacrifices at all! Everything should be in there and with spares too!

Without the heat blanket and filtered straw, the Supology kit would’ve scored a dismal 73 essential points. You are really going to have to rely on your survival skills, if the Supology is the only survival kit you have. So far so bad for the online kits, I am really surprised they’re all falling short of essential survival.

Summary – Contents

Overall, this is not a terrible kit but it is a little gimmicky and a lot of the contents you might never use. Also, if you’re going to carry a big kit like this, it has to have better contents than this one does. This is the reason I compare all kit sizes to my pocket survival kit. For instance, if I can fit it all into a tiny container, then they should be able to fit much more and of better quality.

In saying that, with the Supology kit, you will light a fire, filter water and stay warm. Those are the immediate essentials for survival covered and then you have a compass and whistle to find rescue. If you do buy a kit like this, then be prepared to add some more gear to make it really survival fit!

Now that you’ve read my thoughts on this kit, check out what other reviewers are saying. And if they give this kit a glowing review, then you know you’re on a sales page and not a survival website!

The search goes on…

Thanks for reading!

the best survival kit to buy
The best survival kits are the ones that you make

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by bing74

October 7, 2020

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