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Free PDF spreadsheet – Internet survival kit contents

This free PDF spreadsheet covers a list of pocket survival kit contents found online and provides a score for each item to determine their usefulness. Items are scored under the following catergories and also rewarded with a “useful” score:

  • Water = 5 points. If the item can create drinkable water it will score top marks, if it only assists with the task it will generally recieve half marks. For example, water purification tablets score high as does a heat blanket but only half marks for a folding bucket. After all the bucket just assists in carrying water and not creating it out of nothing, as in the heat blankets case. The same rules apply for the following catergories and an extra awarded score for how useful the item can be in all areas as well as it’s own.
  • Fire = 4 points
  • Shelter = 4 points
  • Food = 3 ponits
  • Medical = 10 points
  • Navigation = 5 points
  • Signal = 5 points
  • Useful score = 5 points

If the item scores 10 or more I considered it to be an essential inclusion in a pocket survival kit and then you can squeeze in anything you like after them! Make sure you keep it pocket sized though!

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Lastly, you can rate your own pocket survival kit against mine, though I wish you good luck with that as mine scores high overall! Survival Fitness!

by bing74

August 3, 2020

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